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Welcome to Towsafe! Below you will find out how to make the best of the Towsafe outfit matching programme.

If at any time you require help whilst using the website, please refer to the FAQ section at the top of the page. The menu bar indicates the steps you will need to take in sequence to access the Towsafe outfit matching programme.†


What do I need to carry out a Towsafe match?

How do I buy a Towsafe match?

Iíve bought a multi match how do I get my next match?

I cannot find my car/caravan

What towing weights do you check?

What do I need to carry out a Towsafe match?

You will need the make, model, derivative and engine size of the car and the make, model and year of the caravan you would like to check, plus a credit/debit card or PayPal account. A match is for one car against one caravan. You may start your match with either the car or caravan,.

Select Car

Enter the registration number of your car. This will supply you with a list of possible specifications. Select your vehicle and continue to the next section. If the registration number does not bring back the correct vehicle you can select the car using drop down lists.

Select Caravan

Enter the details of your caravan from the drop down lists supplied. You will be asked extra details here to help us give you the best advice.

The results of your match will be displayed after the car and caravan have been selected and you have registered (or signed in if you are a previous customer).

How do I buy a Towsafe match

To get your Towsafe outfit matching results you will need to either

  • Register by selecting Purchase credits from the home page.† There are currently three ways to buy: one match or multi matches of 3 or 5.
  • If you have previously registered on Towsafe and have credits remaining you will need to enter your logon details in the Consumer Sign in section in order to redeem your remaining matches.
  • Alternatively, you are also able to choose your car and caravan prior to registration or sign in; however, you will be required to sign in before the results of the match are supplied.

Iíve bought a multi match how do I get my next match?

If you have previously registered with Towsafe you will have your log in details. Enter your email address and Towsafe registration number and click on the Sign in button. You will be shown the number of checks you have left available. Then carry out your Towsafe match.

I cannot find my car/caravan

If you cannot find your car using the registration look up, please use the drop down lists supplied in the select a car manually section. If you still cannot find your car or caravan please e-mail us at

What towing weights do you check?

We will give you all the weights you need to check to make sure you are towing safely; below we have given you some definitions that may help. The Towsafe match includes all of these weights.

The Tow Car

    Gross Vehicle Weight

    The gross weight of the vehicle is the maximum permitted weight of the car when fully laden (e.g. driver, passengers, and luggage).

    Kerb Weight

    The kerb weight of a vehicle is the unladen weight with only the necessary equipment loaded to operate it (e.g. motor oil, fuel, coolant, driver)

    Maximum Tow Weight (Max Tow)

    The maximum weight a car can tow as specified by the manufacturer.

    Gross Train Weight

    The maximum permitted combined weight of the car and the caravan as specified by the car manufacturer. The train weight may be the combined gross vehicle weight plus the max tow, but beware some manufacturers specify a lower train weight.

The Caravan

    MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass)

    This is the absolute maximum weight of the caravan which must never be exceeded. The MTPLM includes any loads such as water, gas bottles or personal belongings and is stated by the manufacturer on the VIN plate of the caravan

    MRO (Mass in Running Order)

    This is the unladen weight of the caravan and is stated on the VIN plate of the caravan.

    User Payload

    The user payload describes all items which can be loaded into the caravan, including gas bottles, awnings, food etc.


    The noseweight of the caravan is the weight forced onto the towball when loaded. The car has a maximum nose weight it can take.

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