What is Towsafe?

Towsafe is a professional outfit matching system, designed to meet the demanding requirements of the caravan industry. This requires that we conduct due diligence on the data we receive from the major car data suppliers (CAP and JATO) to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Collating this data along with further information from the DVLA and physical vehicle inspections, we check and verify over 10,000 data points each year.

This labour intensive exercise means that unlike other matching services, we are not just colliding unseen datasets together, and allows us to provide meaningful match results.


Practical Caravan 1999-2002

Towsafe was developed in its present form by Haymarket publishing for Practical caravan magazine.

It is the original software based outfit matching system, using caravan data supplied by the manufacturers and initially car data from What Car? data feeds

Initially used by magazine subscribers it was soon seized upon by reputable caravan dealers wishing to conduct due diligence to ensure customers left their forecourts with safe car / caravan combinations.

HPI Ltd 2002 -2013

Towsafe was identified by HPI Ltd as the market leading outfit matching system and was a natural choice to include in their diverse leisure industry portfolio.

During this period Towsafe continued to grow with it's dealer network expanding and consumer website traffic increasing year on year.

Towsafe Ltd 2013 - present

In 2013 HPI Ltd, after a number of years under the ownership of Solera Ltd, who'd purchased them in 2008 and just prior to their purchase of CAP ltd, divested itself of a number of leisure industry business. Towsafe management took this opportunity to iniate a management buyout and created Towsafe Ltd.

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