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Towsafe is a professional outfit matching system, enabling you to check that your car / caravan combination is SAFE and LEGAL.

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of the caravan industry, it requires that we conduct due diligence on the data we receive from the major car data suppliers (CAP and JATO) to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Collating this data along with further information from the DVLA and physical vehicle inspections, we check and verify over 10,000 data points each year.

This labour intensive exercise means that unlike other matching services, we are not just colliding unseen datasets together, and allows us to provide meaningful match results.

You will need the make, model, derivative and engine size of the car and the make, model and year of the caravan you would like to check, plus a credit/debit card or PayPal account. A match is for one car against one caravan. You may start your match with either the car or caravan.

Enter the registration number of your car. This will supply you with an exact match to a vehicle in the Towsafe database or a small list of possible specifications. Select your vehicle and continue to the next section.

If the registration number does not bring back the correct vehicle you can choose to search for your vehicle manually; selecting your car using drop down lists on the select car page.

Your caravan can be identified and selected using the drop down lists supplied on the select caravan page.

If you cannot find your car using the registration look up, please use the drop down lists supplied in the select a car manually section.

If you still cannot find your car or caravan please e-mail us at

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