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Vehicle: BMW 3 Series 330d Luxury 5dr Step Auto Estate 5Dr 2012 - 2015 Class Winner for kerbweights 1575-1724Kg

Registration Number: UNKNOWN

Caravan: Bailey 2018   Pegasus GT70 Ancona (MTPLM uprate opt)

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Towing experience: Proficient

Driving Licence: Passed before 1997 or has B+E

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MTPLM / VIN Plate 83.3% This calculation is based on the gross train weight (the maximum permitted combined weight of the car and the caravan). When towing with your vehicle at GVW and Caravan at MTPLM, if this match is above 100% you are breaking the law! info
MTPLM / Kerb 89.3% Towing experience recommended; the ability of the car to keep the trailer under control may be compromised. This could be placing excessive strain on the car, consider a lower combination
MTPLM / Max Tow 83.3% Do not take Max Tow literally as it is a only a test of traction on a 1:8 hill start , and not the overall the ability of the car to tow at normal road speeds. If this figure is over 100% you could be in breach of your car's warranty and may be breaking the law!info
Combined Gross Weights 3655 kg The sum of the caravan's MTPLM and the vehicle's gross weight is greater than 3500kg; legally the driver of this combination must ensure they have both B + E indicated on their driving licence. info
Achievable Noseweight 5% Target noseweight of 7% (or above) NOT achievable, however a noseweight of 5% is possible. The result is the percentage of the gross caravan weight permitted on the vehicle's tow ball. The most stable towing combinations require 7% (or above) of the caravan's weight on the tow ball, less than 5% is deemed undesirable. Always check the noseweight of your caravan when

BMW 3 Series 330d Luxury 5dr Step Auto Estate 5Dr 2012 - 2015 Class Winner for kerbweights 1575-1724Kg

Nose Weight (kg) 75
Kerb Weight (kg) 1680
Unbraked Maximum Tow (kg) 750
Maximum Tow (kg) 1800
Max Tow at GTW (kg) 1800
Gross Weight (kg) 2155
Train Weight (kg) 3955
Engine emission status EURO 6
Engine fuel type Diesel
Length 2399

Bailey 2018   Pegasus GT70 Ancona (MTPLM uprate opt)

Unladen Weight (kg) 1296
Max Weight (MTPLM) (kg) 1500
User Payload(kg) 204
Hitch Limit (kg) 100
Estimated Nose Weight (kg) 105
Overall Width (mm) 2230
Internal Length (mm) 5845
Shipping Length (mm) 7377
Headroom (mm) 1956
Height(mm) 2610

Additional notes

Additional notes * Towing Experience - Experienced: Calculated at a match Braked Percentage of 100% of the vehicle's Kerb Weight *
Warnings Any combinaton that exceeds the defined hitch limit for the caravan would potentially require back loading to bring within the overrun brakes working limit

Group B+E driving licence is required for this combination if you passed your driving test on or after the 1st January 1997, as the combined Maximum Authorised Masses (Gross Vehicle Weight + MTPLM of Caravan) is Greater than 3500kg
Disclaimer The information supplied herewith is provided and intended as a guide only. All data is gathered from sources accepted as accurate at the time and all outfit matching equations are based upon the 'Towing Code Guidelines'. All data provided within the Towsafe program refers to manufacturers standard production vehicles for sale within the UK and therefore excludes vehicles imported from any other country. Vehicles which have been modified in any way e.g. suspension or any form of spring assistance are also not covered. Whilst every care has been taken when compiling this material to ensure its accuracy, Towsafe Ltd accept no responsibility from any effect of errors or omissions.